Where to Sell Gold Online and Offline

Where to Sell Gold

If you have gold coins or jewelries you want to sell for some needed cash, there are options available for you to choose from. You can either sell off your gold offline or online. Make it a point to be aware of the current price of gold so that you know which ones are actually giving your reasonable offers.

Selling Gold Offline

So you are now ready to sell your gold to an interested buyer with an interesting offer. Your items are now prepared along with the necessary papers and presentation cases that attest to their authenticity. The only problem is where to sell off your gold for cold cash. Below are options for selling gold offline.

Friends / Acquaintances. It is very likely that you know some contacts who are interested to buy your gold especially if the gold items you are selling are in good condition. The club or association you belong to might be a good place for you to start such endeavor.
Local jewelers and pawnshops. For gold items that you wish to sell as jewelries, you local pawnshop and jewelry shop might be the best option for such a transaction. The offers may not be as good as the actual gold price but more often than not, they are reasonable.
Local scrap gold buyers. For gold items that you want to sell as scrap gold such as broken and mismatched jewelries, you can check your local scrap gold buyers and see what they can offer.

Selling Gold Online

If you prefer to sell your gold online, here are some of the options that you have:

Auction sites. The most popular online auction site is eBay so you can try selling your gold there by describing your product, post some pictures, and enable the bidding process to start.
Online gold buyers. There are several gold buyers online who give you cash for your gold. You can check out the reviews section and choose the company that you think would give the best offer for your gold. Some popular choices include Cash4Gold, GoldFellow, and GoldKit.