A Smart Way to Buy Silver

Smart Way to Buy Silver

A real smart way of investing in silver that obviates a lot of the premium and saves on shipping costs, insurance and storage is by using a system whereby the silver is purchased on your behalf and stored in a bank vault for you. There is, of course some premium and a storage fee but it is much less and one does not have the problem of maintaining security of the storage.

Gold Money is one such system and one can buy virtually any quantity of silver from just a gram or two up to as many ounces or grams as you want. This is ideal for an investor as one can then embark on a regular savings plan but with the ability to vary ones regular savings according to ones ability to save. One can also buy gold this way.

The silver is stored in a bank vault in either London or Zurich and fully insured. It is audited by an independent third party on a regular basis to ensure that the silver or gold in the vaults exactly matches the record of silver or gold in the clients accounts.

With the lower purchase and maintenance fees and less hassle handling and looking after ones silver, Gold Money is an ideal way to accumulate a silver nest egg and when it comes to tips on buying silver, this must surely take the biscuit.